10/16/2008   Well we have been working on rental trailers two and six. You can find pictures of them here. I got a 2ed cutting of hay in. And I have a new work log up. Read it here

  8/1/2008    I uploaded some pictures of the 1st cutting of hay. Go here

    7/29/2008  Well as of late we have been working on rental trailer six and been cutting hay when the weather lets us. As I get time I will upload some pictures.

    7/4/2008    Surprise we were not expecting quintuplets!   I got my own horse. Check out Sundance.  I have the pictures of the new counter top we installed in out trailer. Click here.    And Holy Cow!  I added a video to the work on the farm page.  And a new work log. I still need to upload work progress on the trailers. And when I get time I will upload pictures and video of the work on the fence and goat shed. I also fixed some bad links. 

4/18/2008  Well Trailer one is done. And the renters that were in trailer two are now moved in to one. Click on the rental trailers link on the left for new pictures. I also added a new work log. Soon we will be starting to do some work on our trailer and then it is trailer six. So check back to see what messes we find.