Well this girl had a close call on Saturday 3/5/2010. She was born about three weeks ago and was doing fine. Cindy and I were making room for more mothers to be and when we started she was moving round and doing her thing. Well about 3 hours later. I found her by her self and not looking good. I picked her up and she was not responding well. We took her in and seen she was dehydrated and weak. We tried feeding her but she would not take any thing. I gave her fluids under the skin but it did little. We knew she needed a I-V and fast. But we could not find a vet that would take her. After Cindy made a ton of calls she got hold of a vet in Ohio and told him what happened and how she was acting. He told her that her sugar was also low and to put corn syrup on her tongue. Well after about 1-1\2 hours she started to come round. Then we were able to get her to feed and she got stronger and more active. But then she got diarrhea. And that can kill a baby goat in hours. So we started her on meds to get that under control. Well after about 3 days she was better and we put her in back with the others.      more pictures here   Will open in new window.