Sundance is a two year old chocolate flaxen Rocky Mountain colt that at this time is 13 hands tall. One hand is 4" . My wife and I went to look at some goats that a woman had for sale because she lost her pasture. When we got there standing in the yard was this horse. We looked at him and we both fell for him right away. We asked " Is that a Rocky Mountain?"  "She said yep and he is for sale. I can not keep him because I lost my pasture." We asked " how much" We knew a Registered colt gelding was going for $2000.00 - $4000.00. She told us he was going for $500.00. Why so cheep, well he is not registered. From what I have learned, because he has white above the hock and that is not allowed on a registered horse.  Also we learned that Kentucky was short on hay big time and lots of breeders had problems feeding their horses. So they were selling horses like Sundance cheep just cut down their herds. For more on Rocky Mountain horses go to the Rocky Mountain Horse® Association website