Scow page to read.

Well 2010 started out ok. But after the big 2010 storm it went down hill. After the big storm our baby goats started to be born. For 8 days in a row we had baby's born. In all we had 24 born and 22 live. On top of the 24 grown goats. After the baby's the tractor broke down. The PTO housing broke. Go here for story. As we were trying to get some of the bigger things done it was non stop little things going wrong. Any thing with motor was braking down. Critters giving us problems. The list is to big to list, but think of all the little things that go wrong in life x5 and have it happen everyday on top of everything else you are trying to do. After the storm we had to fix the barn. The main beams broke under the weight of the snow. Story here. We also started to get things going to install city water for the 4 trailers on Calvert Hill road. We ran electric fence down in the lower pasture to keep the critters out of the hay fields. I bought a bailer. So we would not have to depend on someone else to bail for us. We bought the house next door. We are now up to 80 acres.  We started to repair the last rental trailer. That covers most of the big projects that happened in 2010.