On 2/5/2010 we got a snow storm that looped back on us and dumped between 16" - 26" of snow. I had 16" after the storm was done and after two weeks of small snow storms it was round 22" on the ground.   Power was out for thousands. I was out of power for 9 days. Most of the damage I had was from trees. I lost two nice oak trees in my front yard. And they took out my power lines. One tree dropped on the well house for the rental trailers and damaged #6 trailers roof.  I lost some water lines in two of the trailers. I had two boards in the hay barn let go. Who ever build the this had no idea what they were doing. The boards they used were to small. I still have a lot of work to do when all this snow melts. There is wood laying all over the place. You can see a slide show I made up of the storm. Just click on the link on the left and see what we got.