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8/6/2011   Cindy just uploaded her 1st book to Kindle. The book is titled Shelby. Itís about a small town family running a garage. They find millions in a junked caddy. The problem is the Mob wants it back and the FBI is not far behind. But can they keep up with Hailey in her Cobra and her klutzy brother. You can get here.   Read more about her other books at 

6/19/2011 Well we been working on one of our trailers and now it is hay season. And hay season is not going well. To much rain. And the bailer braking down did not help. I uploaded some video clips. You can see them here.

5/18/2011 Been dong some small updates to the web. So some things may not look right.

3/29/2011 Well so far 2011 has been a year of cars braking down. My car needing a lot of work and the replacement engine in Cindy's car went. The replacement engine broke a camshaft. The quad broke down and I'm waiting for a starter to come in. I  hope the hole year is not like this.

1/13/2011  Well 2010 has been a crazy year. I have not had time to update the website as of late. So I will be doing one big update on one  page with what been going on. Read what been going on in 2010

3/6/2010 We have more baby's. Go here.    We had total of 22 babies born.

2/20/2010 Well we got hit by a good snow storm this year. Lots of damage but it could have been worse. Go here to see the slide show of the 2010 storm.


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